Mindful yoga, touch therapy and meditation, with kindness and compassion throughout.

About CóraYoga

Over the years I understood the importance of exercise but I had no idea that I needed to balance the output of my energy. I was all 'go go go' with a career in multinational corporate project management, global travel, and high impact sports of camogie and karate. I soon felt burnt out and knew I needed to rest but had no idea how.

Early in my career in the 90s, through an employee corporate wellness program I was introduced to yoga and reflexology. From the first few classes I noticed how they relieved stress and overwhelm which were 'stuck' in my body. I learned how less was more in order to lower cortisol levels to reduce stress and to boost the immune system. Over the next few years I coupled my interest in holistic healthcare with my career in project management. I'm now delighted to offer these classes and courses to my colleagues in the corporate world, as well as local initiatives and community based organisations.

If you'd like to learn more about how mindful movement, touch therapy, and how self-care can protect your health and wellbeing contact me through the form below.

Classes are inclusive, encouraging participants to listen to their body on is right for them. Modifications are provided through the use of cushions, blankets, and other accessible props. The pace is slow, steady with deep stretches, working towards flexibility and mobility.


I have been practicing yoga with Cora for the last 5 years. I had practiced with other teachers prior to this but what attracted me to Cora's class was her belief that yoga was for everyone, no matter what age you were or what condition your body was in. The practice is easy to follow, guidelines are clear and everything is delivered with Cora's unique good cheer and warmth. I use what I practice with Cora in my Mindfulness Facilitation work and I look forward to continuing to attend her classes in person or online.

Back in 2017, I was in the early stages of grieving the loss of 2 significant people in my life. I knew I had to find something to ground me and keep my head above water. And that something was Yoga. I am so blessed that I chose Cora's class. Her teaching style is gentle yet effective and delivered with kindness, warmth and good humour. Yoga is now part of my daily life and plays a major part in my recovery and my physical and mental health. Thank you Cora for being the person and the teacher that you are.

I look forward to Yoga with Córa every week. I feel mentally and physically rejuvenated every time and only wish I could do it more often. Thanks Córa for your warmth and kindness and for making it a safe and comforting space to be, especially during the past year!